The DEKO company concept is based on the provision of a range of products and systems which fulfils design requirements, exceeds customers’ expectations, and meets with statutory requirements.

DEKO was the first company in Europe to achieve the European Technical Approval (ETA) and CE-certificates on the system partitions DEKO PV and DEKO PF.

DEKO system partitions are fire and sound tested according to EU standards at the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) and at

DELTA Acoustics.

DEKO’s fire classified glazed constructions are MK-approved (Materials and Construction) by ETA Denmark.

DEKO system partitions and DEKO Doors are all awarded the Danish Indoor Climate Label.

DEKO Doors are certified at Danish Standard as concerns fire resistance and sound reduction.

Range of Products

Today DEKO’s extensive range of products includes:
• DEKO PV - Classic System Partition
• DEKO PF - Profile Free System Partition
• DEKO GV - Double Glazed Partition, High Sound Reduction
• DEKO MG - Preassembled Double Glazed Module
• DEKO FG - Fully Glazed Partition, Close to 99.9% Glass
• DEKO BK - Glazed Partition in Aluminium Frame
• DEKO FV - Folding Partition: A Flexible Room Divider
• DEKO MV - Panel Wall with Discrete Stacking Solutions
• DEKO Doors - A Unique and Extensive Range